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​David Cooper

      David Cooper


       Member in good standing



                Retired;now owner of 


               Any ride that I can feel

                 the air on my face!!



                  1905 Kawasaki Nomad

                  & 1998 Honda Shadow

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Hi, I'm David Cooper, born in Columbus, Ohio. Alumnus of Upper Arlington H.S. and Ohio State U.

Lifelong Buckeye fan and supporter. Married my love,of my life, Jan and rased three kids. Registered Architect and Construction Manager. Did the stage lighting for the all the Body Building shows in Columbus for 24 years with Loprrimer productions and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Retired and moved to South Florida this year with my on-line heavy Duty Fishing Gear business,

started biking in 1973 on a 360 cbt Honda. 90,000 miles and three bikes later riding a '05 kawasaki

Nomad.  looking forward to a great camping and relaxationthis year at Daytona and Leesburg.

Task Force Leader for the Ride For Kids in Ohio for 12 years. I recently jioned the RFK Task Force down here and became a mender of CCRA. They are my new riding buddies and family. Both groups raise money for cancer research and help kids in need.

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